McDonald’s reopens in Russia under new name – Vkusno & tochka

MOSCOW, RUSSIA - JUNE 12, 2022: Staff members are seen at a newly opened fast food restaurant in a former McDonald's outlet in Bolshaya Bronnaya Street. In May 2022, McDonald's sold its Russian business to GiD, its Siberian franchise partner. GiD will operate former McDonald's restaurants under a new brand name, with a new logo and menu; all employees will keep their jobs "on equivalent terms" for at least two years. Sergei Bobylev/TASS

McDonald’s in Russia has a new name – Vkusno & tochka, which translates to “Tasty and that’s it”, general director of the fast food chain Oleg Paroev told reporters.

“I’m excited to introduce our new name, Vkusno & tochka,” he said.

McDonald’s suspended all 850 of its restaurants in Russia on March 14, shortly after the start of special military operation in Ukraine. On May 16, the company, whose share in the catering market reached 7%, announced its withdrawal from Russia and, through the mediation of the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade, sold the business to a Russian owner, businessman Alexander Govor.

The chain will operate under a new brand and with new menu names, while all employees will retain their positions. The updated menu will remain the same, but the names of the dishes have been changed, the prefix “Mc-” or “Mac-” has been removed. On June 12, the updated fast food chain opens 15 venues in Moscow and the region, including the flagship venue on Pushkinskaya Square.