SONY-SMART joins hands with NIPRO-JMI to provide genuine healthcare service free of cost


Dhaka, 08 June, 2022, Wednesday:

Smart Technology (BD) Ltd, Bangladesh’s leading ICT products marketing company has joined hands with the country’s leading brand in healthcare sector “NIPRO-JMI”, to ensure genuine healthcare service to the people at free of cost regularly by holding health camps on a regular basis. In this regard, the Smart Electronics Ltd (SONY-SMART), a concern of Smart Technology (BD) Limited and NIPRO JMI Medical Limited signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU).

Managing Director of Smart Technology (BD) Ltd Md Zahirul Islam on behalf of SONY-SMART, and JMI Group’s Founder and Managing Director Md Abdur Razzaq on behalf of NIPRO-JMI signed on the MoU. A press conference was held at a city hotel on Wednesday afternoon to disclose the details about the MoU.

It was disclosed that, a nationwide healthcare service is launched titled, “SONY-SMART Genuine Care – Corporate Healthcare and Wellness Program”. Under the program the clients, distributors, employees will enjoy discount facilities while purchasing products or service from one another. They will also be facilitated with minimum healthcare services using genuine medical devices and medicines, at free of cost. These facilities will also be enjoyed by the general people in the country.

President of RMDC, Sony South East Asia Atsushi Endo said at the press conference, “The Smart Technology has been leading the Bangladesh’s ICT-product market. They are now marketing SONY’s electronics products as an official distributor. We have chosen Smart because of their commitment to ensuring genuine product and after sales services to the clients. Today I am delighted to know that, the SONY-SMART besides product marketing, has started to working for development of public healthcare in Bangladesh. I wish all the very success of this initiative.”

Kunio (Kenny) Takamido, Executive Director of NIPRO JMI Medical Ltd said, “NIPRO Corporation has been working for more than 12 years with the JMI Group with a view to developing healthcare sector in Bangladesh. We want to see Bangladesh’s healthcare sector be one of the best in the world and that’s why we are ensuring quality medical devices, medicines and healthcare services. We have a special focus to help the diabetic patients in Bangladesh. NIPRO JMI Medical has recently launched a glucose monitoring system named NIPRO Premier S Glucose monitor kit. This device is required only 0.4 micro blood for testing. This is smallest blood volume required in Bangladesh. Less pain and no complication. The result comes very quick and accurate.”

He also said, “Our mission is to deliver these quality products to all over Bangladesh so that we support early detection and awareness, particular for diabetes. We believe that the partnership between SONY SMART and NIPRO-JMI will contribute remarkably to support the healthcare society in Bangladesh.”

Founder and Managing Director of JMI Group said, “The NIPRO-JMI has already become a recognized brand in the healthcare sector of Bangladesh. Besides the SONY-SMART has been leading the electronics-product market in Bangladesh. So, whenever the NIPRO-JMI and SONY-SMART, combination of two local companies and two Japanese companies, the service will be best, I believe. We the NIPRO-JMI as one of the healthcare products manufacturer and service providers always focus on the quality. So, the hands together with SONY-SMART, our service will be served the people genuinely for sure.”

Managing Director of Smart Technology (BD) Ltd Mohammad Zahirul Islam informed that Genuine Product at Genuine Price with Genuine Service and Genuine Care, is the core business mindset of Smart Electronics Ltd (SONY-SMART) to ensure the best customer satisfaction across the country.

“We are launching the “SONY-SMART Genuine Care – Corporate Healthcare and Wellness Program”, as a part of complete care for our customers, partners and people of Bangladesh. We will organize free health camp across the country on a regular basis. In this journey, NIPRO JMI Medical, a recognized leader in the healthcare sector is with us with high quality standards and innovation, focused on identifying and meeting the needs of customers.”

Mohammad Zahirul Islam also said, “There is no need to spend much money to ensure minimum healthcare services at free of cost. All we need is a strong desire to serving people. I believe that if every corporate organization like us come forward with such initiatives, the minimum healthcare in the country will be much more assured. In particular, the health of low-income people and disadvantaged children in society will be ensured.”