Community leaders urged to combat trafficking from society


Tangail Correspondent:
Religious leaders, academicians, community people, and media personnel at a training on Saturday urged the community leaders to come forward in combating trafficking from society.

They made this call at a training organized by World Concern at Sadhuti Nojib-Uddin Public High School under Dighol Kandhi Union in Ghatail of Tangail. The program was organized under Ensure Protection & Justice through Integrated Approach (EPJIA) Project.

Md. Rofiqul Islam, Headmaster of Sadhuti Nojib-Uddin Public High School & the President of Community Protection Committee of World Concern under Dighol Kandhi Union presided over the program.

Md. Rofiqul Islam, Headmaster of Sadhuti Nojib Uddin High School is sharing his comments about trafficking. Photo: Courtesy

He said in his speech that every day, there are a large number of people trafficked by various ways in our country. It is not only a local but also an international problem now a day. Being trafficked by agent, men, women & children has fraud every day & lost everything.

Mst. Nahida Naznin was present as the chief guest in the program and said that to prevent trafficking from our community awareness rising is very argent.

Mst. Lovely Khatun, UP member of Dighol Kandhi Union Parishod was present as the special guest. She also said in her speech that we all should play effective roles in combating trafficking.

Mr. James Sunny Bairagee, Program Officer of EPJIA project facilitated the program.

He said that trafficking is becoming a pivotal concern in our country. Two factors are working in trafficking PULL factors & PUSH factors. Traffickers exploit others for a variety of purposes such as sexual exploitation, forced labour & forced marriage.

James Sunny also requested the participants at the training to work together to stop trafficking in their respective community.

World Concern staffs, civil society, CPC members & community leaders also attended this program & promise to prevent trafficking at any cost.