Poet Rezauddin Stalin awarded Nikolai Gogol Int’l Literary Prize Triumph 2022


Sahidul Islam Nirob:

Bangladeshi popular and featured Poet Rezauddin Stalin has been awarded the Nikolai Gogol International Literary Prize Triumph 2022.

The award is jointly presented by the Writers’ Union of Ukraine and the Cherenovis Club. The award is given to poets, writers and scientists from 70 countries of the world selected by 11 juries.

Rezauddin received this award along with other renown poets – Nigeria’s Princess Lovelyn Yeo, Italy’s Marina Pratisi, France’s Nereidas, B. Bourbon, Brenda Mohammed, author of Trinidad.

This award is generally given for outstanding creativity in poetry every year, and for contributing to the awakening of human values against war.

Earlier, Rezauddin received numerous international awards and honors for his poetic works.

Rezauddin Stalin was born on 22 November 1962 in Nalbhanga village in greater Jessore district. His father was Sheikh Borhanuddin Ahmed and his mother was Rebecca Sultana.

His first book name was – ‘I did not return’. He has a bachelor’s degree in economics and an MA in political science. Stalin has been working at the Nazrul Institute for a long time. He has attended literary conferences in several countries including India, Nepal, China, United States and United Kingdom.

Stalin won the Gandhi Peace Prize, India-2021 and the Bhutan-Literary Forum for Peace and Human Rights Award 2021.

Rezauddin Stalin, a powerful poet with a global voice in Bengali, worked on peace and human values and human rights in Bengali poetry. His poems have been translated into 42 languages of the world.

Rezauddin Stalin’s Awards:
Bangla Academy Award, Michael Madhusudan Award, Sabyasachi of India, Darjeeling Natyachakra, Dhara Sahitya Asar, Khulna Writers Club, UK Journalist Association Awards, KG Talkies, Power Poet Awards from China, Marquette Award from America, Nigeria School of Poetry and Art, Aesop Gladias Vega Harare from Argentina, Award from Shakti Trust Award from Rajkot, India, Honors from Ukraine Literary Academy.