PM for strengthening digital security


Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina today laid emphasis on strengthening digital security, saying security issues will arise with the advent of new technological innovation, excellence and evolvement.

“We have to pay more attention to the security aspect now. In fact, along with creating opportunities for us, technology can also cause problems. From this aspect, we have to think in new ways about our security,” she said.

Starting from the money deposited in banks, all have to think about this in every case and be more careful, she added.

The premier made this remark while addressing the 3rd meeting of “Digital Bangladesh Taskforce” at her official residence Ganabhaban here.

Mentioning that advancement of technology will continue to increase day by day, she said, “Every day new thoughts will come.”

Instructing to increase research, the Prime Minister said, “We will have to pay more attention to research as the excellence of technology will continue to grow.”

“We always need research. We have to do our research all the time so that we may also keep pace with the world. And Bangladesh will set an exemplary example for all to follow and I want this,” she added.

She continued, “Why will we be dependent on others when the people of our country have talent? We can go a long way if we allow it (talent) to develop. “

Directing the authorities concerned to develop the youth as efficient and skilled, the head of government said, “We have to prepare our youths. The young generation needs to be prepared because we are talking about the Fourth Industrial Revolution, not just thinking about it.”

“In order to take Bangladesh forward, we have to make our young generation prepared, give them proper education and proper training or build them in that way as well as develop their mindset. We have to do it,” she said.

Sheikh Hasina said, “The biggest thing is that we have a large number of young people. That is why if we can make them competent, not only this generation but also the next generation Bangladesh will enter into smart era from digital. At the same time, I believe that we can move forward in all aspects such as education, industry, trade and economy.”

Regarding “brain drain”, the Prime Minister said, “Another thing is many people say that our talent is moving outside of the country but I don’t think much about it. Because some go out after taking education in the country, earn money. However, many are studying abroad and returning to the country.”

She said many people from different industries are coming, but the new generation is also coming. “They are coming and working. Because our digital Bangladesh has made things easier, and that is why they are able to do their job well even staying in Bangladesh.”

Mentioning that Bangladesh is an attracting place now, Sheikh Hasina said “We don’t need to talk about old concept anymore – that is brain drain …. We have no shortage of people. Our children will receive education and come. On the contrary, the position of Bangladesh is far better than outside world in many ways… We are in a much better position. “