Smart Academy organizes day-long free health camp


Dhaka, 02 April, 2022, Saturday: Educational institution Smart Academy has organised a day-long free health camp program at Ramganj area in Laxmipur district yesterday (01 April, 2022, Friday). Smart Academy is a subsidiary of Smart Technologies (BD) Limited, Bangladesh’s leading ICT-product marketing company.

Smart Technologies (BD) Limited Managing Director Mohammad Zahirul Islam inaugurated the event on Friday morning by releasing pigeons, symbol of peace. The free health camp program started at 10:00am and continued till 07:00pm. On this day, a total of 414 registered persons received healthcare services.

The day-long event was also attended by Japanaese conglomerate Sony Corporation’s sister concern Sony, another joint-venture company Nipro-JMI Medical, and Sandhani Bangladesh Medical College Unit.

The free health camp program offers general health check-ups, diabetic check-ups and blood group diagnosis services. The diabetic patients who came for healthcare services at the event also got a chance to buy Nipro brand’s high-standard glucometer at an affordable price.

Responding to a question from reporters after the event, Smart Technologies (BD) Limited Managing Director Mohammad Zahirul Islam said, “There is no need to spend much money on such free health camps. All we need is a strong desire to serve people. I believe that if everyone like us regularly organises such events in their respective areas, then the minimum health care in the country will be much more assured.

In particular, the health of low-income people and disadvantaged children in society will be ensured. We have received a huge response in this free health camp program at Smart Academy. So I have decided that, we will try to arrange one program like this at every month.”