Poet Sahidul Islam Nirab’s birthday


Our Correspondent, Sarishabari:
Today is Young Poet Shahidul Islam Nirab’s birthday who has been immersed in rich poetry for almost a decade and a half, weaving in the word thread, showing the skill of profound-deep philosophy, the sick body of the present world, the love of beauty, the ray of world aesthetic style and the existence of non-existence.
Inspired by the Sufi ideology, the poet-heart has repeatedly danced in the poem in absolute worship. Like Rumi, he has tried to find the creator on the basis of love. Through the insightful fruit of the knower and the knowable object, he continues to draw the impossible relational analogy with the mortal world in the words of the good relation of the upper world. Religion, philosophy and rich love are the main elements of his poetry. Poetry that conveys the thoughts of human beings to the heights of new word-scenes.
This humanist Sufi poet was born on March 25, 1986 in Kumariabari village of Mansurnagar union of Kazipur Upazila . He is the son of Poet Altaf Hossain, Mother Sajeda Begum.
He has been acclaimed for his poetry and research books entitled “Charumukhi Basanti” and ” Dormodorshon O Bishossoyer Biggan “. This philanthropist poet is a graduate in philosophy, English literature and law and he is involved in teaching and journalism.