JMI receives purchase order to export syringes to Dubai


45 million pieces will be exported during July to September period

Dhaka, 27 February, 2022:
JMI Syringes and Medical Devices Ltd (JSMDL) has received purchase order to export made in Bangladesh Auto Disable (AD) syringes to Dubai for Covid vaccination programme. A total of 45 million AD syringes will be exported during July to September this year.

The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) has confirmed the purchase order of the syringes to be exported Dubai. Besides, the UNICEF also requested to the JSMDL for supplying syringes until June 2023. Earlier the JSMDL had exported AD syringes to United States, Indonesia, Pakistan, and Nepal.

The Auto Disable (AD) syringe is a specialised product used for vaccination. The Covid vaccination across the world has been going on using this special type syringe. Only a few number of companies in the world have the facilities to produce AD syringes, while the Bangladeshi JSMDL is one them. The company has the PQS certification from the World Health Organization since 2012.

Due to the Covid outbreak the demand of the AD syringes rise high across the world. Meanwhile the JSMDL has been providing the required AD syringes for Covid vaccination in Bangladesh as well as exporting to other countries.

To meet up the demand in home and abroad, the JSMDL has made a new investment of around Tk5.25 crore to increase the production capacity of 0.5ml AD syringes. Hence the production capacity of the special type products has been increased by 33 percent.