TECNO Mobile Introduces 3 New Mobile Camera Technologies

TECNO Telescopic Lens

TECNO, a premium smartphone brand focusing on global emerging markets, has announced the launch of three new smartphone imaging technologies: RGBW/G+P, Sensor Shift and Telescopic lens. These groundbreaking new technologies signal the beginning of a new era of smartphone photography for Android users.


TECNO revealed these new technologies at a webinar recently, where they discussed advances in dark complexion imaging and recent breakthroughs regarding light sensitivity, image and video stabilization, zoom and high-resolution – all of which are being powered by the aforementioned technologies. To achieve these breakthroughs, TECNO is utilizing larger sensor sizes, image and video stabilization, high-frequency anti-shaking capabilities, and continuous lossless zoom.

Fans won’t have to wait long for the release of these eagerly anticipated advancements. TECNO Mobile has announced that their first smartphones with the upgraded RGBW camera will arrive this year. Furthermore, the first Android phone with sensor shift image stabilization is also slated to launch in 2022, as is the telescopic lens!

With these new offerings, TECNO Mobile continues to empower consumers to express their lifestyles through advanced imaging technologies. Time and again, TECNO Mobile has proven their commitment to bringing innovation to global emerging markets.