UNHCR-WASH project orientation held in Cox’s Bazar


Cox’s Bazar, 23 February 2022

The Emergency Response Program (ERP) of Caritas Bangladesh arranged orientation for staff on Wednesday (23 February 2022) at a hotel in Cox’s Bazar under WASH project funded by UN agency UNHCR.

WASH Manager Mr Pius Nanuar administered the workshop featuring several sessions conducted by managers of shelter & site improvement, protection, MEAL.

Caritas Bangladesh has started working in a new phase in 2022 for FDMNs in Cox’s Bazar under a bilateral project partnership agreement with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

The event was attended by Mr Marcel Ratan Guda, Project Director, ERP, CB; Mr Inmanuel Chayan Biswas, Head of Operation, ERP, CB; Sanzida Akter, Manager, Shelter & Site Improvement; Abu Taher, Area Coordinator; Paritosh Chakrobortty, Camp Coordinator among others were present at the orientation program.

Staff of ERP, CB, Cox’s Bazar office including WASH engineers, supervisors and field level staff of WASH were present at the event.

Directing all staff, Project Director Mr Marcel Guda, said “Cartias Bangladesh staff must follow global humanitarian standard during working in the field level for vulnerable community people.”

“We must respect each other regardless gender, age, race, disability while working for FDMNs,” he added.

Sanzida Akter, Manager, Shelter & Site Improvement; Mr Pius Nanuar, Manager, WASH; Md Mosharraf Hossain, Manager, Protection; and Asiq Iqbal, Manager, MEAL; and Roton Malo, Information & Reporting Officer conducted separate sessions during the orientation.