Nation recalls language heroes, demands Bangla as an UN official language


The nation on Monday recalled the supreme sacrifice of the language heroes on this day 70 years back with a call for recognizing Bangla as one of the UN official languages, marking the Shaheed Dibos and International Mother Language Day.

Thousands of people clad in black and white dresses especially
traditional sharees and panjabees, who thronged the Central Shaheed Minar here since midnight to pay their glowing tributes to the 1952 language martyrs, also demanded for launching the Bangla at everywhere.

Considering the prevailing COVID-19 situation and following the proper hygiene, however, a maximum of five-member delegate from each organization and a maximum of two persons at the individual level were allowed to lay wreaths at the Shaheed Minar.

President M Abdul Hamid and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina paid their glowing tributes to the martyrs of the historic Language Movement on the occasion of Amar Ekushey and the International Mother Language Day.

On behalf of the President and the Prime Minister, their military
secretaries paid the homage by placing wreaths at the Central Shaheed Minar here at one minute past zero hours while the immortal song on Amar Ekushey-“Amar Bhaiyer Rakte Rangano Ekushey February”- was being played on the loudspeaker.

They military secretaries stood in solemn silence for some time as a mark of profound respect to the memories of the language heroes.