Women’s dignity and respect matter a lot, says CiC Mahfujar Rahman


Cox’s Bazar Correspondent:

It’s really hard to be a woman and women’s dignity and self-respect matter a lot, said Md Mahfujar Rahman, Deputy Secretary, Camp-in-Charge (CiC-) of Camp-1E, 1W, & 4.

He made this remark on Monday (13 February 2022) as a special guest while distributing dignity kits among women of Forcibly Displaced Myanmar Nationals (FDMNs) at a Multi-purpose Women & Girls Center (MWGC) run by Caritas Bangladesh (CB) at Camp-1 East.

Assistant CiC Md Abu Bakar Siddique was also present at the event conducted by Mosharraf Hossain, Protection Manager, Emergency Response Program (ERP), Caritas Bangladesh.

Appreciating the initiative of distributing dignity kits among Rohingya women, CiC Mahfuzur Rahman urged MWGC staffs to make women and community people more aware of Repatriation and Family planning.

He also said that “Caritas has always been working for social development and enhancing the skills of women through handicraft education. Meanwhile, these dignity kits will enhance their quality of life.”

Protection Manager Mosharraf Hossain informed that Caritas Bangladesh will distribute 1,322 sets of dignity kits among Rohingya women. Among those, 600 sets will be distributed at 2 MWGCs in Camp-1 East.

He also said that these items will boost up health & hygiene practices among Rohingya women.

Each set of the Dignity Kits comprises of over 12 items featuring- menstrual pad, clothes, under garments, towel, soap, oil, comb, sandal, nail cutter, bucket etc.