US Congressman Meeks seeks enhanced ties with Dhaka


US House Foreign Affairs Committee chair Gregory W. Meeks has sought enhanced Dhaka-Washington ties saying he did not believe no “wholesale sanctions” of the United States were warranted in regard to Bangladesh.

“I continue to support the strengthening of the US-Bangladesh relationship and look forward to working to help address human rights and democracy challenges in the country, including ensuring that the country’s next elections are free and fair,” he said in a statement.

US House Foreign Affairs Committee issued the statement of its chair who said he did not believe any wholesale sanction over rights issues in Bangladesh was currently warranted.

“I believe sanctions can be most useful when they are targeted and don’t believe wholesale sanctions on Bangladesh are currently warranted,” said the Congressman.

Meeks, however, put his weight towards the Biden Administration’s designation of the Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) and several of its current and former members under the Global Magnitsky Human Rights and Accountability Act for human rights violations.