Padma Bridge: A Desired Dream of Dream


By Sadia Tasnim

Padma Multipurpose Bridge is a long cherished and much waited dream bridge which is going to be implemented by the present government, it is being constructed over the Padma river and its construction work is nearly completed.

Our honourable PM has taken such risk to do it with the country’s fund when the foreign country denied to donate any fund for the bridge, a big thank to PM for such initiative.

Now, Bangladesh has come into a new era and turned as a developed country. Recently there are many noticeable achievements have been seen like The Metro-Rail,Rooppur Nuclear Power plant, the first ever satellite( Bangabandhu Satellite), Payra Deep-Sea Port etc. Among them Padma Bridge is the core attraction of the South-west people of Bangladesh. This will connect Mawa with Janjira. Construction of the river crossing will reduce the distance from the South-West region to Dhaka by more than 100km.

The probably opening date has been set as 30June. With this we can prove to the world that we can build a mighty bridge with our own fund without any loan or help from any monetary Organization. The completion of construction will fulfill the long cherished dream of the people of Bangladesh.

The government had made 450 kilometres of four-lane highways across the country in 12 years and work was underway to construct another 400km, adding construction of border roads was also going on.

Hope the bridge will change the fate of a lot of people, a new era will be started after inaugurating the bridge and Bangladesh will go forward an other phase.