Chairman candidate demands fair election at Press conference


Our Sarishabari Correspondent : Independent candidate Shahinul Islam Shahin demanded a fair election in a press conference in Jamalpur’s Sarishabari on Thruesday

The press conference was held at Sarishabari Press Club auditorium at two pm yesterday .

In a written press release, he said that he could not go for election campaign in the fear of boat nominated candidate Bellal Hossain.

He also claimed his posters has been snatched and the supports of boat candidate attacked on his business institution, looted and vandalized and repeatedly death threats have been made to him.

He added that his two of supports got seriously injured in a attack by the men of boat candidate . The injured are now fighting with the death at Jamalpur General Hospital.

He further complained that he was running away in the fear of boat candidate Bellal Hossain. he is worried about a fair and neutral election. he demanded of deployment BGB and RAB to create an environment for free and fair elections

The election is scheduled to hold on 26 December.