Attack on chairman candidate in Sarishabari


Our Cortespondent, Sarishabari :
Supporters of boat candidate attacked on independent chairman candidate Sams Uddin to kill him, centering the election of Pogaldigha Union Parishad in Sarishabari upazila of Jamalpur.

Sams Uddin alleged that on Wednesday’s night, men of Asraful Alom Manik surrounded his house and fired a few rounds of blank shots, causing panic in the area.

Sams Uddin has been the chairman of Pogaldigha Union for four consecutive terms since 1996. He has again taken part in the election, contesting the pineapple symbol as an independent chairman candidate. At around 9 pm on Wednesday, a group of miscreants surrounded and attacked his house in Gachaboyra village, said locals.

Sams Uddin alleged ” The supporters of boat, Mizan Munshi, Rubel Member, Nurul Islam and Shahanshah Mollah surrounded my house, trying to kill me on the instructions of Ashraful Alam Manik”

“When I took shelter in another house, the attackers also attacked there.
On receiving the news, the locals rushed there and saved me, then they fired a few rounds and fled away.” he added.

He added that the men of the boat symbol are not allowing us to hang the posters of the pineapple symbol. Our campaign is being hampered by various threats.

For fair elections, he demanded deployment of additional police in the area and deployment of RAB-BGB on polling day.

In this regard, in-charge (inspector) of Tarakandi police investigation center Abdul Latif said, after receiving the news, the police went to the spot and brought the situation under control, legal action will be taken after investigation.

Ashraful Alam Manik, chairman candidate of boat symbol, denied the allegations, saying Sams Uddin was a rebel candidate of the party.

Maksud Alam, Upazila Election Officer and Returning Officer of Pogaldigha Union Parishad, said, “I have already received a written complaint from an independent candidate.” The matter is being investigated.