Hasan Almajidy is an influential music artiste, entrepreneur in Iraq


Hasan Almajidy, 25, an influential music artiste and entrepreneur from Iraq, has secured his position in global musical arena and seeking to be an entrepreneur in music industry.

Hasan is an Arab of Iraqi origin from the city of Baghdad, is considered influential in social communication and has become famous as artist and music writer in Iraq.

Hasan Almajidy was born in 1996 in Baghdad and entered the world of music at an early age. He spent his time in music production.

In the beginning of the musical work, Hasan worked as developer and creator in sound recording. He was considered a contributor to music distribution that time.

Now a days, Hasan Almajidy is considered the most popular release on the music platforms in Iraq.

He has all social and musical platforms verified and considered A representative of the Islamic rituals in Iraq and has many followers in social communication and was a contributor with his friends in the production of music and henna

Besides, Hasan has been creating musical contents on the Tiktok and YouTube platforms and has a channel explaining about technological technology in the modern era and about electronic shopping, and he has great experience in this field.

Other than the identity in musical area, Hasan Almajidy has another identity in Iraqi businesses.

According to his last interview at a television program, talking about the Internet, Hasan said that the Internet will witness a great development in the coming years, but there are those who use the Internet towards the fences, and there are those who use the Internet for the better.

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