Abdullah Al Hafeez, an organiser beside being a college student


Sazedur Abedin Santo

Abdullah Al Hafeez, student of a govt. college in Khilgaon. Hafeez is the only son of his father S. M. Solaiman and mother Rehana Parvin. He is currently staying with his family in Dhaka. From childhood, Hafeez always dreamt of being a successful businessperson. To fulfill that dream, he concentrated on doing business besides his general studies.

Hafeez said, “After finishing my secondary education I started to do some works based on freelancing and within some months I already acquired a considerable amount of skills in it and it didn’t take much time for me to establish myself on that IT platform”. He also said “Besides my work on freelancing and other IT-based platforms I started two lifestyle brand with my earnings, first one is MIYAA Lifestyle and the other one is Tahiraa Emporium. Within a short time, I got good responses and reviews from both of the brands. That’s why I decided to spend more time after them.

Currently, Hafeez is running 3 active organizations. “MIYAA Lifestyle”, “Tahiraa Emporium” and IT training center “THE BEST ONE”. Among the Lifestyle brands, MIYAA Lifestyle was the first one to be founded by Hafeez. In MIYAA Lifestyle at first, he started with Punjabis but because of buyer’s demands, he added other clothing like T-shirts, Shirts, Pants, Jackets and also other varieties of essentials for men’s lifestyle. Almost all of the clothing items are made and prepared inside their own workshop. MIYAA Lifestyle promises to convey the best quality of their products to their clients for the cheapest price available.

After that, a lot of clients from MIYAA Lifestyle requested products for females. As per their request, Hafeez opened up another lifestyle brand exclusive to ladies products named “Tahira Emporium” .For now, only clothing items are available in Tahiraa Emporium. Although their hand-painted clothing items are getting a lot of attractions. But they will soon add all the items suited to a woman’s lifestyle.

He said, “At present, the epidemic of corona is making people rely on online-based shops more. That’s why I am actively running both MIYAA Lifestyle and Tahiraa Emporium online so that people can have access to our items as easily as they can get. Although both of them are pretty active the other way too”. He also said “Now we are delivering our products in all of the 64 districts of Bangladesh through courier and we are also trying to expand our services outside of this country.”

Rasel Ahmed a worker in their workshop said, “Mr. Hafeez is a very sincere person. He is very hardworking and honest which motivates us to work for him at our best and helps us in time of our needs. So, we pray that he may achieve success for his hard work and honesty.”

He also runs another organization named “THE BEST ONE” through which he distributes free IT courses to help his students work as freelancers. They can acquire a lot of skills and knowledge about freelancing and IT through THE BEST ONE.

Hafeez thinks there’s no exception to hard work. With hard work, honesty and strong will one can achieve almost anything. If one decides to be an entrepreneur instead of running after jobs unemployment in our country can be reduced and also new employment shall be created.
Writer: Feature writer and media worker.