Export-import to remain suspended thru’ HLP for six days


The import and export activities will remain suspended for six days from October 11 (Monday) through Hili Land Port (HLP) in Hakimpur upazila of Dinajpur on occasion of the Durga Puja festivity.

“Import-export activities would remain suspended through the land port from October 11 to October 16 next,” said the President of the Customs, Clearing and Forwarding Agents Association (CC and FAA) of HLP Abdur Rahman Litan.

The imports, exports, customs clearance, loading and unloading of goods will resume through the land port from October 17 (Sunday) next after the six-day vacation on the occasion of the puja, the greatest religious festival of the Sanaton community.

“After receiving a letter from General Secretary of the Indian Exporters’ and Customs Clearing Agents’ Association of HLP Dhiraj Adhikari, we jointly decided to keep import-export activities suspended through HLP during the period,” Litan added.