Bumper Aman yield expected in Bagerhat’s Chitalmari


Md. Kamruzzaman Khan Picklu (Chitalmari Bagerhat):

Aman’s fields are now full of greenery. If everything goes well and the weather is not extremely bad, everyone expects a bumper crop of Aman this year.

Ropa (planted) paddy has been cultivated in 5,080 hectares of land in Chitalmari during the current Aman season which is 10 hectares more than the target.

Among the planted aman paddy are hybrid 2280, rupshi 2700 and local variety paddy in 10 hectors of land.

According to the Upazila Agriculture Extension Department, the target has been set to cultivate Aman in 5070 hectares of land in the upazila during the current Aman paddy production season. On the other hand, it has been cultivated in 5,080 hectares of land which is 10 hectares more than the target.

The production target of rice from this paddy has been set at 11770 metric tons which can be supplied to other parts of the country by meeting the local food demand of the upazila. Upazila Agriculture Officer Razia Sultana said the paddy planted from July will be harvested in October-November unless there is any natural calamity.

According to the local farmers, the planting of Aman paddy in the field this year is satisfactory. Hopefully there will be good yields if the weather does not have any major adverse effects. They said, seeing paddy in the field this year, our eyes soothe . If we can somehow overcome the natural calamity, we hope Aman will have a bumper crop this year, the tillers said.