Cabinet clears Pourosova (Amendment) Act to hold election in every 5 yrs


The Cabinet on Monday gave final approval to the Local Government (Pourosova ) (Amendment) Act, 2021 in a bid to stringently follow the system of holding election in every five years.

The approval came at a weekly Cabinet meeting held with Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in the chair.

The premier joined the meeting virtually from her official residence Ganabhaban, while her cabinet colleagues at the meeting room of the cabinet division at the Secretariat.

Sometimes it was seen that at end of the tenure, some municipality chairmen used to go to court and get restriction on holding next election, said Cabinet Secretary Khandker Anwarul Islam while briefing reporters after the meeting.

By this way some chairmen remain in their chair more than five years even 15-16 years taking the advantage of a clause in the existing law that stated the present chairmen will remain in chair till holding the next election, he said.

He continued “To stop this practice the government made this amendment in the 2009 law.”

The Cabinet Secretary revealed the proposed law saying that after the five-year completion the government will be able to appoint an administrator either from the government services or any other eligible person who has administrative experiences.

“The appointed administrator will be allowed to stay in the post for maximum six months and elections have to be held within this time,” he said.

The meeting also decided to make the eligibility for enlistment of any new municipality which have minimum 2000 people in per kilometer from the existing 1500 people in per kilometer.

It also decided to change the name of Pourosova Secretary to Pouro Executive Officer.

From the meeting, Khandker Anwarul Islam said, it was decided that the proposed law will include another clause that mentioned that if any municipality fails to pay salaries and other wages of its officers and employees for 12 months, the government can abolish its status as municipality .

The cabinet meeting also gave approval of the draft of Essential Services Act, 2021 integrating Essential Services Maintenance Act, 1952 and The Essential Services (Second Ordinance), 1958.

After passage of this proposed law, the Cabinet Secretary said, the government will be able to declare any service essential, when it will be necessary.

He said the essential services will be included post, telecommunications, internet service, ICT, digital services, mobile financial services, digital financial services, power generation and distribution related services, railways, passenger and goods transportation through water, road and air ways.