Dubai Expo-2020 kicks off; Bangladesh pavilion inaugurated


The World Expo-2020 also known as Dubai-Expo-2020, which is one of the largest expositions of the world, has formally kicked off here in Dubai with the participation of some 192 countries including Bangladesh alongside many international organizations and companies.

As part of Bangladesh’s participation at the Expo, the Bangladesh Pavilion was inaugurated today by Commerce Minister Tipu Munshi. This is for the first time Bangladesh took part at the Expo with its own pavilion.

The six-month long Expo would continue till March 31, 2022 where the socio-economic progress, history, culture and heritage of Bangladesh over the last 50 years would be highlighted.

Marking the formal inauguration of the Bangladesh Pavilion, a seminar was organized by the Ministry of Commerce at the Pavilion conference room today with the title “Indomitable Bangladesh: A desired destination for trade and investment”.

Chaired by Bangladesh Ambassador to the UAE Md Abu Jafar, Commerce Minister Tipu Munshi spoke at the seminar as the chief guest while Expatriates’ Welfare and Overseas Employment Minister Imran Ahmed spoke as special guest.

Commerce Secretary Tapan Kanti Ghosh, Export Promotion Bureau (EPB) Vice Chairman AHM Ahsan, Consul General of Bangladesh at Dubai BM Jamal Hossain, NRB CIP Association President and Al Harmain Group Chairman Mahtabur Rahman Nasir and KPC Group Chairman Kalipradip Chowdhury spoke, among others, at the seminar.

North South University teacher Dilara Afroz Khan presented the key-note paper at the seminar.

Speaking on the occasion as the chief guest, Commerce Minister Tipu Munshi urged the expatriate Bangladeshis to invest in their motherland.

“Investment-friendly environment is prevailing in Bangladesh while our socio-economic progress is also significant. We are ahead of our neighboring countries, please come up with investment and the government will extend all-out cooperation to you,” he said.

Tipu said the government would also consider with due importance the proposals of the expatriates to simplify further the investment procedure.

He said Bangladesh is no longer a “bottomless basket”, rather the attainments of Bangladesh in different fields over the last 50 years would be highlighted before the whole world at the Dubai Expo.

Expatriates’ Welfare and Overseas Employment Minister Imran Ahmed called upon the expatriate Bangladeshis to invest in Employment-generating operations in their motherland apart from sending remittance.

“Building posh houses in your motherland with remittance money is not an investment. Please invest in such sector which will generate employments and thus boost country’s exports,” he added.

The Minister said the fast advancement and continued GDP growth indicates the better investment environment in Bangladesh. “Immense opportunities and facilities are there in Bangladesh for making investment while the government is also providing necessary policy support. Please do avail such facilities”, he added.

Commerce Secretary Tapan Kanti Ghosh said that not only trade and exports of Bangladesh would be highlighted at the Dubai Expo, but also the rich history, culture and heritage of the Bengali nation would be projected before the whole world.

He also expressed his high hope that it would be possible to highlight Bangladesh in a strong way at the Expo.

The Dubai Expo-2020 was formally inaugurated yesterday evening where some 192 countries are taking part. This World Expo is taking place in Dubai for the first time among the Middle East, Africa and South Asian region.

The centenary birth celebration of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the ideology, spirit as well as the contributions of Bangabandhu during the War of Liberation would be highlighted at the Expo side by side the pioneering role of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in women’s empowerment would also be projected.

Apart from projecting the achievements of Bangladesh in different fields, various products, innovative ideas, national brand, tourism and positive business environment would be given emphasis to further brighten the image of the country.

Besides, various programmes would be arranged at the Bangladesh pavilion marking various national Days while the national flag would be hoisted in the pavilions of all the countries marking the Victory Day on December 16.

The Bangladesh Pavilion has been decorated nicely with the scenic beauty of Bangladesh while the pictures of Father of the Nation, President Abdul Hamid and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina would be there.

The theme of the Dubai Expo-2020 is “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future” while the three other sub themes are “Opportunity, Mobility and Sustainability”.

The organizers hoped that some 25 million visitors would gather at the Expo featuring 200 pavilions of some 192 countries.

Meanwhile, a display center has been set up at the two-storey Bangladesh Pavilion having a space of 436 square meters at the Dubai Expo-2020 where there would be digital expositions, offices, conference rooms, B to B meeting halls.

The exhibition title of the Bangladesh Pavilion has been set at “Indomitable Bangladesh: Towards Sustainable Development”.

The Dubai Expo-2020 was supposed to take place last year, but it could not be held due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The last World Expo took place at Milan in Italy in 2015.