Kiron depicts colorful life in ‘Jackson Heights Journal’


— Main Uddin Ahmed
Jackson Heights is the heartline for Bangladeshi Americans. To arrange any meeting, cultural or any other programs the first-thought place is this one. Those who come to America from Bangladesh, do not feel the journey successful without visiting this place. Bangladeshis living in other states of America, feel desire to have a chance to visit Jackson Heights anytime, without which all seem imperfect.
This attraction of heart and mind was nicely felt by journalist, poet and writer Akbar Haider Kiron who worked for Voice of America for a long time. Once he began to present readers the description of Jackson Heights visit by different important personalities. A popular person Kiron used to describe all those things in a story-telling way which was liked by all because those stood as really enjoyable reading materials. Those write-ups were published in different newspapers and magazines. Enjoying those write-ups as good-read materials, important and wise men suggested him to bring out a book accommodating all those Jackson Heights centered writings.
According to their advice and guideline a book was published in 2020 with the title, ‘Jackson Heights Journal’. Second edition of the book came out this year, that means in 2021.
When a reader goes through the book he/she mostly enjoys the names of the personalities and the events narrated as the subject matters. Names from all stages of the society came to get place in the book and Akbar Haider Kiron depicted them with hearty feelings and sincerity. The sincerity of the writer attracts the readers most.
Bangladeshi people staying in states other than America were also depicted in the book describing their America visit, specifically the stepping in Jackson Heights. Reading all the descriptions it will seem that Jackson Heights attracts all like magnet!
Visit of Jackson Heights by many many persons were written so colorfully in ‘Jackson Heights Journal’ that while going through the book readers fall in love with the writer also. We will not be able to quote all the names included in the book and if we mention a few that will be an injustice to others. So, we would like to ask everyone to be pleased enough to see those with a reader’s view. We can confirm that people will love the book very much and the third edition of it must be needed.
‘Jackson Heights Journal’ was published from Dhaka by Gulshan Ara Bably of Annoy Prokash. In New York it is available at Muktodhara. In Kolkata the book can be purchased from Oriol of College Street. In Bangladesh one can buy it online from rokomari and BoiBazar. Price of the book is Tk 300 and in America it is $15.
An exceptional, attractive and standard cover of the ‘Jackson Heights Journal’ was done by the Raghib Ahsan.
Please read ‘Jackson Heights Journal’ and find out what is not there in the book. What is lacking and if it is even your name, that also can be the content of its next edition. Just inform the writer in writing with logic and get into it.
Once reading begins, no one can keep it aside, rather complete it in a run, we became sure.
In the second edition of ‘Jackson Heights Journal’ some pictures were included in it and those were snapped by Neher Siddique. Well-wishers think that much more photos are needed to be included and in the next edition those advices may be followed.
We would like to thank Akbar Haider Kiron for presenting Bengali readers such a nice book.