iBOS wants to eliminate software fear of businesses, both big and small


Dailynewsun Desk:

From the planning to do something unique in the software industry, iBOS – the software company of Akij Group started its journey in 2020.

The company is working on easing up the automation process of business systems in all types of industries. All the innovative software developed by this company is already getting appreciation from the software users.

This company took the first step of its journey by providing all kinds of software services to every Akij Group concern for the last 15 years.

But now they have come into light as a separate concern of Akij Group where the first move they’ve made is with serving the same software, iBOS ERP in different businesses and large enterprises.

iBOS ERP is capable of setting up a complete and automated business system for any organization, from large industries to small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Some reputed companies are already using this latest ERP solution.

Apart from large organizations, iBOS has come up with a lite version of their ERP, iBOS SME for small and medium enterprises that reduce all the technical complexities of these organizations along with making all their business activities easy and transparent.

Besides, iBOS has also developed iBOS RTM to streamline the retail sales, distribution and Salesforce management system of any retaking-based business which ensures proper execution of the sales representative management and the entire process from production to the retailer.
The list of iBOS software also includes iBOS Billing, iBOS Accounting, iBOS HRM, and many more updated software. The company has some new plans with iBOS Billing software as well to organize the billing system of small businesses. Developed with a very simple interface, any organization can afford this software due to its low price. Its prime goal is to solve the problems of billing systems prevailing among all the small and medium enterprises and establish an automated billing system.

iBOS Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Sheikh Md Jayed Bin Rashid says, “The fear that works among the small and medium enterprises while automating their business is mainly triggered by the high cost of business software. So, iBOS wants to change that by bringing at least one-third of the country’s businesses under automation along with making business software easily available and affordable to them.