Bangladesh to decide over Afghanistan Independently: Momen


    Foreign Minister AK Abdul Momen on Thursday said Bangladesh will take its foreign policy decision over Afghanistan independently, not be reflected by any other country.

    “We’re yet to take any decision on the Afghanistan issue,’ he told reporters at a briefing at the foreign ministry here this afternoon after arriving from his tri-nation tour in Europe.

    The Foreign Minister visited Britain, Switzerland and the Netherlands to join some meetings on the issue of LDC graduations and climate change while he had a bilateral meeting with his British counterpart Dominic Raab.

    During the visit in Europe, Dr Momen said, he was asked whether Bangladesh will follow the policy of other countries towards Afghanistan but he made it clear that the Dhaka’s decision would be independent in this regard.

    Noting that Bangladesh has historic relations with Afghanistan, which is also a member state of SAARC, the foreign minister said Bangladesh policy will be depending on the attitudes and policies of the new Afghan government.

    He said Dhaka believes in a people’s government that comes through a political and democratic process. “But we will in no way patronise any terrorists,” he added.

    On Wednesday, State Minister for foreign Affairs Md Shahriar Alam said Dhaka didn’t reach a decision to ‘welcome’ or ‘not welcome’ the Afghan interim government rather it prefers to wait till seeing formation of a permanent government there.

    “Dhaka is still observing the situation very closely. We don’t want to do anything hurriedly,” he said.

    Alam said Dhaka’s focus still remains on to see restoration of peace and stability fully free from any war in Afghanistan.

    On Tuesday, the Taliban announced their interim government weeks after they swept to power and toppled the previous government.

    Despite previous Taliban’s promises that their rule would be inclusive, the government is drawn exclusively from loyalist ranks with established hardliners in all key posts and no women.