Dengue fever: over 2000 cases recorded in 7 days


More than 2000 cases were recorded in the first week of September indicating the fast-rising trend of the disease.

Meanwhile, 343 patients were hospitalised in the span of 24 hours till 8:00 am Tuesday.

With the new case, a total of 12,434 people were hospitalised this year, according to the Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS).

Among the 343 new cases of dengue infections, only 57 are from outside Dhaka and the total number of dengue cases outside Dhaka is 1148.

A total of 2078 patients were diagnosed during this month alone.

At least 7698 patients were hospitalized in August, 2286 patients were hospitalised in July, 272 in June and 43 were infected in May, according to the DGHS.

Fifty-two people have died of dengue infection in the country this year, all of them between July, August and September. Of them, twelve people died in July, 34 in August and six died in September so far.

Though most of the patients who were hospitalised have so far been released, 1282 are still undergoing treatment at hospitals in Dhaka, and 149 are being treated outside the capital, the DGHS data shows.