Community health care providers pledge to work for leprosy in Hajiganj


Chandpur Correspondent:

Community Health Care Providers (CHCP) in Hajiganj upazila pledged to work against leprosy in community-level at a monthly meeting in Hajiganj Upazila Health Complex & Hospital auditorium on Thursday.

CHCPs work at field level and are attached with rural community clinics. They said they will work to detect new leprosy cases in the upazila.

Dr Arafatul Islam, Medical Officer Disease Control (MODC), Hajiganj Upazila Health Complex Hospital, presided over the meeting.

Hajiganj MODC also inspired CHCPs to work closely in rural areas to detect all hidden leprosy patients in their early stage in the upazila and save them from ensuing deformity related to leprosy.

Dr Benjamin Jewel Rozario, Medical Officer of The Leprosy Mission International-Bangladesh (TLMIB), spoke about some tips to detect leprosy cases by examining cardinal signs of leprosy.

Md Abdur Rahim, TB & Leprosy Control Assistant (TLCA) of UHCH, Roton Malo, Project Officer, TLMIB, Tapan Chowdhury, Health Assistant, Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA), among others were present at the event.

Community health care providers highlighted the field level scenario at the event.

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Meanwhile, CHCPs directly observed a leprosy patient’s skin patches and learned to identity patients in the early stage. A leprosy patient, who was facilitated by TLMIB and YWCA, was willingly present at the event.

Hajiganj Upazila Health Complex’s Instructor Md Sahajahan Mia anchored the programme.

Earlier on Tuesday, Chandpur Civil Surgeon Dr Md Sakhawat Hossain instructed all Upazila Health & Family Planning Officers (UH&FPO), MODC, TLCA, CHCP to work jointly with TLMIB and YWCA to eradicate leprosy from the district.