Femininity is for Love: artworks of 13 global artistes showcased in virtual exhibition


Dailynewsun Desk:

Instead of loving women and respecting femininity, today’s society and communities are using women as commodities. Let’s change the attitude towards Females and Femininity. Femininity is a tree that keeps everyone in the shade of love. Femininity has become a mountain and holds the stability of the world. May all be gifted with this special quality of Allahpak.

In this hope, Begum Gallery has organized an online exhibition -“Femininity is for Love” with some of the most extraordinary artists from all over the world.

This exhibition is dedicated to -Hazrat Boropir Syed Abdul Qadir Jilani (Ra.) & Hazrat Deewan Khwaja Ghareeb Nawaz Moinuddin Chishti (Ra.), said Artist Shaila Simi Nur, the Managing Director of Begum Gallery.

Shaila Simi Nur also said that “In today’s event, we’re remembering – The Sea of endless love Hazrat Ahmed Shafi Maqsood (ra.) and Mother Taslima Begum (Ra.).”

“We’ve Bishwajit Goswami, he is a Bangladeshi artist and educator. He is an assistant professor at the Drawing & Painting Department of the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. Also a visiting faculty at Architecture Department, Both in BUET & BRAC University. Two of his artworks are now on display: Kingdom of women 1 and 2,” she added.

Shaila Simi Nur also informed that “Olga Zehaf is no longer with us on Earth. She was a very popular personality in Poland & Bangladesh. She is living within us through her Artworks. Her husband gave us two works to show.”

Imran Zaib’s artworks are also displayed here. Imran is from Pakistan. All his works and portraits are unique combination of love and skill, femininity always predominates in his work.

Artist Samar Majumder’s works are displayed here; his participation has brightened the exhibition. Various aspects of our culture are reflected in the works of Samar Majumdar.

Artist Jamil Akbar Shamim is with his Art works–Mother & Love Flower. Jamil is a cosmonaut, he is a raft of clouds in the sky and a flying bird … He ignores time and draws the day at night. Shamim is now living in Portugal.

Md. Maidul Islam Khan is an artist & Educator. The main theme of his work is traveling with black & white. The color of his dreams is black and white; it shows the nobility of black and the simplicity of white.

Artist Tania Sultana Bristy is with two of her artwork series–Birth. The pressure of motherhood is reflected in her work in a nice and clean way. There is the relief of finding the perfection of life through motherhood which speaks of hard-earned aspirations in the color blue and azure.

Artist Sadia Sultana Rana with two of her artworks from Momota series. Momota 2, Momota3. In her thoughts we see the nature and human embracing each other.

Mohiuddin Ahmed Mohim is an abstract artist. Submergence can be seen in his abstract, like his mind. Lovingly colored artwork “women” is part of this exhibition.

Zahra Hamze is an art entrepreneur and Artist, the fact that women are stars and that can be deduced from the artist’s various walks of life. She is with us from Iran.

Sohel Pranon with two of his artworks Whimsical – 2, Whimsical – 1. Sohel is an artist and a warrior; he had to win his life through war. The content and style of his artwork is interesting so the level of work and realism are unique.

Photographer Kallol Karmakar is with photograph –The Mother & Mother River, based on a journey of a woman, who is the subject. She was at the tomb of Gaussulepak Solaiman Nanta; the year before. She prayed to have a child. After the woman’s wish is fulfilled, she is going to fulfill the vow.

Artist Shaila Simi Nur’s– paintings “Love of Rabia Basri” & “Mother Fatima” is part of the exhibition. That reminds us of the sacrifices of Hazrat Hussain (R) and Hasan (R) and Hazrat Zainab (R) in this Ashura!

Virtual Reality Exhibition Date – 30th July 2021- 30th August 2021 on-