Teachers formed human chain against Head Mistress


Our correspondent

Teachers at Salma Khatun Girl’s High School formed a human chain against the head mistress of the school yesterday, demanding her removal from her post for various anomalies and misbehaving with the teachers.

All of the teachers of the institutions took part in the human chain which is held in front of School gate on Thruesday at around 11 am, delivering strong speech against Wazeda Pervin, head mistress of the school.

Speekers in the human chain demanded her removal, alleging that she had embezzled 35 lakh Tk from school found and she had illegally opened a secret account in her name where she deposited school’s money of the school.

Assaduzzaman Samad, assistant head master of the school, said the president of the school committee, Mostafizur Rahmam, issued a notice on 7 March, 2021 asking to provide a written explanation within 10 days but she went in vain to provide explanation regarding her anomalies .

On contracted, Wajeda Parveen, the headmaster of Sarishabari Salema Khatun Girls’ High School, rejected all allegations against her over mobile phone and said, I didn’t involve in any corruption.