ADC Revenue Farida Yasmeen inspects Nakla Shelter Project


Md Musharaf Hossain, Sherpur:

Additional Deputy Commissioner (ADC Revenue) Farida Yasmeen inspected the shelter project at Rampur under Chandrakona Union in Nakla upazila of Sherpur district on Saturday noon.

At a time, Assistant Commissioner (Land) and Executive Magistrate Kawsar Ahammed, Chairman of Chandrakona Union Parishad Saju Saeed Siddiqui, local UP members, dignitaries of the area and members of the beneficiary families were present.

Additional Deputy Commissioner (Revenue) Farida Yasmeen expressed satisfaction after seeing the current overall condition including construction style and quality as per the approved design of the shelter project house constructed at Rampur area of Chandrakona Union and talking to the beneficiaries.

With the slogan ‘Right to Asylum, Sheikh Hasina’s Gift’, 100 houses of the Prime Minister’s Gift Shelter Project for the landless and homeless in Nakla Upazila of Sherpur have been constructed and handed over to the beneficiaries.

The construction of 100 houses in the upazila was completed in two phases as a gift from Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on the occasion of Mujib’s centenary. 58 houses have been constructed in the first phase and 42 houses in the second phase. Beneficiaries are happy to get the Prime Minister’s gift house. Now they are living safely with their families.

The Prime Minister’s Office has been directed to issue a report after verifying whether the construction style and quality of the houses constructed and under construction in the districts and upazilas are in accordance with the approved designs and estimates.

As per the instructions, the inspection team is going to inspect the houses of the shelter project across the country in the midst of the strict ‘prohibition’ of the COVID-19 pandemic.

As part of this, Additional Deputy Commissioner (ADC Revenue) Farida Yasmeen inspected the houses of all the projects implemented at Rampur village under Chandrakona Union in Nakla upazila of Sherpur.