It is all about Ranzit Sarker


Ranzit Sarker, young author of fifty-two books, has already got much popularity among the literature loving people specially after awarded with ‘Kali o Kalam Tarun Kabi o Lekhak Puraskar’ (Young Poet and Writer Award) 2020 under the children’s literature category for his outstanding novel ‘Schooley Muktijuddho Hoyechilo’ (The Liberation War Took Place in School).

Versatile writer Ranzit Sarkar was born in a middle-class Hindu family at Saraidah village on May 12 in 1984 in Raiganj Upazila of Sirajganj district and grew up there with his loving and caring parents and two sisters. Ranzit’s father Narayan Sarkar is a farmer by profession and mother Shova Sarkar is a housewife. Ranzit Sarkar has two sisters.

He completed his post-graduation in Accounting from National University and started working as a journalist because of his passion of writing. Very often his writings were printed in the reputed national daily, weekly and monthly newspapers and even published in online news portals regularly. His first storybook ‘School Chutir Pore’ (After School Holiday) was published in the Ekushey Book Fair 2012 and drew readers attention and appreciation.

Ranzit had a close association with nature in his childhood but he was not unruly at all. Actually, the memories of his adolescence are the sources of most of his writings. His writing style is completely different than others.

Ranzit has been working in a renowned Bangladeshi newspaper ‘Amader Samoy’ as a Sub-Editor for six years with name and fame, now he sees the editorial page of the daily. Beside this job, he is continuing his writing regularly with geat patience.

“I’ll continue writing until my last breath since it is my main job and I’m not writing to win awards for sure,” said Ranzit. Asked about Kali O Kalom Award, the featured writer said “It’s a recognition of my works and I’m thankful to authority and happy with this award”.

The young writer said that he was not impressed by anyone’s writing. However, he has been inspired by the good writings of many writers.

Ranzit said man has to reach his goal through the big struggles. The path of struggle will never end. There have been many failures in life. And those failures may have increased the power to move forward, adding that he has tried to use that energy to reach the place of success. He thus shared his inner sprit for becoming a writer.

The number of his published books are 52 till now including stories and novels.

The books are as follows– Bangabandhur Sonar Bangla Gorbo, Golpe Golpe Jatiya Char Neta, Vasha Shohidder Golpo. Birshresthoder Golpo, Muktijuddher Ajana Golpo, Shishutos Muktijuddher Golpo, Shishutos Ekusher Golpo, School Chutir Por, Vuter Fashi, School Chuṭir Dinguli, Tifiner Somoy, Schoole Bhuter Aḍḍa, Mayer Sathe Schooley, Alpa Bayasi Masṭar Masai, Dust Bhuter Astana. Schooley Pratidin, Chad Buṛir Bandhabi Anindi, Roll Nambar Ziro Zero One, Classroomey Jatokando, Lalubahinir Laughing Club, Shishutos Ekusher Golpo, Sangitar Aka Aaki, Schooley, Premhin Campus, Classroomey Vuter Tandob, Schooler Bondhura, Pothe Pawa, Nayikar Preme Porechi, Campuser Priotoma, First Girler Selfie Kando, Shushmita Niomito Schooley Jay, Bhashashaheed and Birshresthader Galpo, Schooler Best Student, Poojar Poralekha, Bikelbela Cricket Khela, Surya Shikari, Golpe Gople Barnomala, Prem Jole Dube Jai, Porir Shathey Desh Ghuri, Diyar Bandhobi Tiya, Classer First Boy Last Boy. Other books are: Premabhumir Nimantraṇ Lipi, Schooley Muktijuddha Hoyechilo, Chotoder Boiyer Bondhu Bangabandh, Going to School With Mom, Muktijuddher Cetona Dharoṇ Korey Sumona, Porir Nouka, Shishukishorder Golpe Golpe Bangabandhu, Mojibke Jana Chobi Akey Mona, Shishuer Shekhar Boyose Shikha, Sumner Surprise, Swadhinotar 50 Bachar, Muktijuddher Kishor Golpo & Corona Period Holidays.

By Sahidul Islam Nirab