Lockdown: Chitalmari Upazila Administration handling it strictly


Md. Kamruzzaman Khan Picklu, Chitalmari, Bagerhat:

Chitalmari Upazila Administration is in a tough position even today on the 11th day of the ongoing severe lockdown.

Besides, the members of the army are working relentlessly to implement the lockdown in different areas including Chitalmari Sadar Bazar to cooperate with the local administration.

On Sunday (July 11), Jannatul Afroz Swarna, the Assistant Commissioner (Land) filed seven cases against various individuals and organizations in Chitalmari Sadar Bazar and Nalua Bazar for violating government rules and fined them Tk 3,100.

In this regard, Assistant Commissioner (Land) Jannatul Afroz Swarna said, “We have been conducting regular mobile courts as part of a strict lockdown.” Anyone will be brought under the law if they violate government rules during the lockdown, she added.