One dies, hundred more admitted to Hospital


Our Sarishabari Correspondent, Jamalpur:
One dies while undergoing treatment in Mymensingh Medical College Hospital and hundred more are admitted to several hospitals after having breakfast in a bread-making hotal in Sarishabari of the district on Wednesday’s early morning.

The deceased is Yunus Ali, 50, son of Late Abul Hossin of Panchpir area of Sarishabari municipality.

The deceased was first admitted to Sarishabari Health Complex and later shifted to Mymensingh Medical College Hospital while deteriorating his condition.

The incident took place in Panchpir area of ​​the municipality that spread a panic among the people of the area, locals said.

According to hospital sources, people from Panchpir Bazar area of ​​Sarishabari Municipality went to Lalu Mia’s shop for having breakfast on Monday’s morning.

Later, they became seriously and admitted to Sharishabari Health Complex with symptoms of abdominal pain, vomiting and diarrhoea, most of them are children and women.

The patients being treated at the hospital are: Sumi, Abdul Aziz, Fatema Begum, Lal Vanu, Hosne Ara, Younus Mia, Monir Uddin, Shahjahan, Swadhin Mia, Zakir Hossain, Ratul, Marjaya, Tamim, Mishti, Riya Moni, Sabbir Hossain, Zubair, Alam. Mia, Bidyut, Abdul Haque, Majnu Mia, Siam, Azizul, Siraj Uddin, Lal Mia, Jaminur, Rakib Mia, Fahad, Farid Mia, Tara Mia, Ashraf Farooqi, Ahad Faruki, Sofiq Miah, Jubaida Khatun.

Besides, the critically ill were shifted to Jamalpur Sadar Hospital and Mymensingh Medical College Hospital.

Hotel owner Lalu Mia, son of Abul Hossin, was also admitted to Sarishabari Health Complex with such symptoms, said doctor Shahed, RMO of Sarishabari Health Complex.

“I have been running here this hotel business for many years, but such an incident has never happened” said Lalu Mia”