Chitalmari OC’s quick action saves shrimp enclosure’s dam of poor farmers


Md. Kamruzzaman Khan Picklu, Chitalmari, Bagerhat:

In Chitalmari, some influential people of the area cut the dam of a shrimp enclosure of a helpless poor farmer and tried to occupy it. When a complaint was lodged with the police station, the Officer-in-Charge (OC) of Chitalmari Police Station A. H. M. Kamruzzaman Khan took prompt and stern action about the complaint for which the aggrieved farmer could reconstruct the dam and recapture the shrimp enclosure on Tuesday, 8 June.

Aggrieved farmer including the locals praised the newly appointed Officer-in-Charge A.H.M. Kamruzzaman Khan for his prompt and stern move.

Prakash Majumder, a marginal farmer of Sabokhali village in Sadar union of the upazila said that on Friday, June 4, his neighbors Dhirendra Nath Dhali and Birendra Nath Dhali, came to take possession of the enclosure by force and cut some part of his enclosure’s dam. Finding no other way, I lodged a complaint with Chitalmari Police Station and upon receiving my complaint, the Officer-in-Charge of the police station A.H.M. Kamruzzaman Khan took immediate & firm step, and with the help of the O.C I could recapture my enclosure, he said.

Prabhas Majumder of Sabokhali village said that the opponents of Prakash Majumder came at noon and cut the dam of Prakash Majumdar’s enclosure and tried to capture it. When the matter was reported to the police station, the occupants moved away as the OC took strong action.

In this regard, the OC of Chitalmari police station A.H.M. Kamruzzaman Khan said that the farmer had been asked to build a dam on the bank of the damaged enclosure of Prakash Majumdar so that he would not be harmed massively. Now the two sides will be called and an attempt will be made to give a peaceful solution, he said.