Urmi sets an example by inspiring women in technology


Indrajit Sarkar:

Women have been contributing to global development significantly in the 21st century by competing with men side by side in all sectors.

Thus, a bright woman from Mymensingh, Urmi Sarkar, who has been offering free graphic design course to female university students and inspiring women entrepreneurs.

After graduating in graphic design, Urmi has been teaching other women in technology from the ground of an organization called ‘Techno Empress’ online and working relentlessly in making women self-reliant. At present, 30 women are being trained graphic designs under Urmi’s direct supervision.

Urmi said “I was thinking of expanding the group to a larger scale. In addition, I will work to develop women’s skills in the technical lines.”

However, “We’ve been facing some problems regarding other’s attitudes, but overcoming those and going forward.”

There was time when a woman could not do anything independently, now the time has changed, Urmi said adding that still there are some obstacles for women despite successes in various fields.

Talking about the contribution of women to information technology sector, Urmi said although women are seen working in the technical sides, our country lags behind comparing other countries in this sector.

However, “I think women can play a vital role in the technical sides like other sectors” said Urmi adding that her own efforts as well as family support helped her to move forward.

Now Urmi has been working as a graphic designer, freelancer for all men and women as well as training university students to work as entrepreneurs.

Urmi informed that she has been offering monthly training for women to develop basic computer skills where more than 200 students can receive take the opportunity for free.

The way women are coming forward in this sector is an optimistic issue and one day this will play a vital role to boost the country’s economy further, said Urmi adding that the women entrepreneurs need everyone’s cooperation in their professions.