New OC joins in Shreebardi Thana in Sherpur


Md Musharaf Hossain, Sherpur:

Biplob Kumar Biswas has joined as the new Officer-in-Charge (OC) at Shreebardi Police Station in Sherpur district on Thursday. He came from Muktagacha Police Station in Mymensingh district.

Prior to joining Shreebardi Thana, he served as Officer-in-Charge at Muktagacha Thana and Haluaghat Thana in Mymensingh district. Prior to Muktagacha and Haluaghat, he served as OC in Jhenaigati Thana of Sherpur district.

Biplob Kumar Biswas was appointed as Sub-Inspector (SI) in Bangladesh Police department in 2001 and started his career in Gazipur as a Sub-Inspector (SI) after completing his training at Sarada Police Training Center.

After due to transfer, he joined as Officer-in-Charge (OC) of Jhenaigati Thana in Sherpur district. Later he joined Haluaghat Thana in Mymensingh on 16 June 2019 as Officer-in-Charge (OC). Then he joined Muktagacha Thana in Mymensingh district on 26 February 2019 as the OC. He has faithfully served as the Officer-in-Charge (OC) of different Police stations and praised by the public for his generous police service.

Talking to reporters, local political leaders and civil society, he said that he has been maintaining duty with skill and sincerity. He also said the police service and law and order situation should be normalized and drug trafficking, gambling, child marriage, eve-teasing, violence against women and children, terrorism, militancy should not be allowed verbally declared Zero Tolerance. For this, OC Biplob Kumar Biswas, who received the IGP badge of Bangladesh Police, has sought the overall cooperation of all.

The current workplace in Shreebardi in Sherpur district needs to raise awareness among the public to maintain physical distance, ensure wearing of masks and hygiene rules as per government directives to combat the second wave of coronavirus (Covit-19). The police department is always ready to do everything in the public interest to get recognition as a tangible symbol of the people’s trust, OC Biplob Kumar Biswas added.

OC said that all the people of Shreebardi are hospitable and helpful. I expect help from all journalists of Shreebardi upazila. They (journalists) are the conscience of the country and reach the country to success by writing realistic news. Drugs’ outbreak is more here as this area is situated beside the border. I will make this area drugs-free by the help of people of Shreebardi. He believes that Shreebardi upazila will be free from drugs by strong effort of law and order defense and media.

Biplob Kumar Biswas was born in an aristocratic family in Sadar upazila of Netrokona district. He is fourth among 3 brothers and 3 sisters and second among brothers.