800 families receive Eid gifts in Nalitabari


Md Musharaf Hossain in Sherpur:

On the occasion of holy Eid-ul-Fitr, a total of 700 women and 100 men get Eid gifts in Poragaon union under Nalitabari upazila of Sherpur district. Each woman gets a Sharee and men get a Lungi as Eid gifts.

On this occasion, a limited distribution program and discussion meeting was organized at the premises of Begum Raushan Ara Academy in Barmari Bazar of the upazila on Saturday noon.

Poragaon UP chairman Azad Mia presided over the program, while Fazlul Haque GS of upazila AL present as chief guests. Abdul Latif and Faruk Ahmed Bakul organizing secretaries of uupazila AL were present as special guests in the program.

Among others, Poragaon union AL senior vice president Fazlul Haque, joint GS Anwar Hossain, organizing secretary Israfil Alam, Awami League leader Ershad Alam, union JL general secretary Mashiur Rahman Majnu, union KL president Abu Saeed and leaders of union and ward AL, JL and allied organizations and more than eight hundred poor men-women of different area of the union, journalist of different media were present.