BCL men volunteer harvesting paddy in Sherpur


Md Mushsraf Hossain from Sherpur:

Leader and activists of Bangladesh Chhatra League (BCL) stand beside helpless farmers of the country by harvesting IRRI and Boro paddy amid the ongoing nationwide lockdown due to coronavirus (CONID-19) pandemic.

BCL activities have come to stand by farmers while crisis of harvesting labor propelled farmers in the district as elsewhere in the country.

Although the farmers produced bumper IRRI and Boro paddy this year, they were tensed with harvesting due to the labor crisis.

When farmers became frustrated with their harvest because of workers’ crisis amid coronavirus situations across the country, BCL men came forward and were making them happy by cutting and threshing paddy.

According to a direction from the central committee of the Bangladesh Chhatra League, leaders and activists of the organization were asked to help the farmers in harvesting crops.

As part of, leaders of Nakla Upazila Chhatra League have set an exemplary example by cutting the boro paddy of a poor widow farmer at Chhatarkona area of 2 no Nakla union in Nakla of the Sherpur and delivering it to her house.

They started harvesting paddy from 8 am on Tuesday till 12 noon. Later, till 3:30 pm the rice was delivered to the house of Halima a poor widow.

A group of BCL activists studying in different schools, colleges, madrasas and universities of the upazila led by Nakla Upazila BCL activist Abu Hamza Kanak took part in the paddy harvesting program.

The names of Nazmul Hasan Naeem, Shaon Hasan, Meherraj Imtiaz Jisan, Avro Banik, Majid, Sourav, Raju, Rocky, Rakib, Tariqul and Al Amin are notable among the participants in this voluntary harvesting program.

Halima a poor widow, said, “I have benefited a lot from the students cutting my paddy.” If they had not cut my paddy, it would not have been possible to harvest paddy at the right time due to lack of money. As a result, a lot of paddy might have been wasted.

Abu Hamza Kanak said that due to the relatively high wages of rice harvesters across the country and the coronavirus in the country, many poor and helpless farmers are not able to harvest paddy due to lack of labor.

Therefore, on the instructions of the Prime Minister of the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, the President of the Bangladesh Awami League Sheikh Hasina and the leaders of the Central Executive Parliament of the Bangladesh Chhatra League, “We’ve undertaken a program to harvest paddy for poor farmers,” added Abu Hamza Kanak.

He also said that “We’re by the side of such helpless sharecroppers and poor farmers in the development of the country and the nation and we will be by their side in the future too InshaAllah.”

Apart from harvesting paddy, they have also taken up the task of removing maize from the fields of poor farmers of Charashtadhar, Pathakata and Chandrakona Unions of the upazila, added Abu Hamza Kanak.

It may be mentioned that in 2020, under the leadership of Abu Hamza Konak, Chhatra League activists studying in different schools, colleges, madrasas and universities cut the paddy of more than 100 acres of land of 70 poor farmers and delivered it home.

Moreover, by picking up the maize of the poor farmers in the char areas, they caught everyone’s attention.