The best caregiver of a leprosy patient passes away in Moulvibazar

Goutami Chhatri is preparing vegetables for cooking lunch while her husband is sitting on a wheel chair at Patrakhola tea garden in Kamalganj upazila in Moulvibazar district. -File Photo

Roton Malo:

The best caregiver and wife of an elderly person suffering from leprosy-related disability at Patrakhola Tea Garden in Kamalganj upazila in Moulvibazar district died at home on Wednesday morning due to post-brain stroke complications.

The name of the best ever compassionate woman is Goutami Chhatri. She was 65 at her death.

“Goutami Chhatri breathed her last at 7:30am on Wednesday (April 21),” confirmed Paresh Debnath, an official of Heed Bangladesh.

Goutami Chhatri is cutting vegetable to make food for her husband. -File Photo

Goutami Chhatri was cremated at the tea garden’s cremation spot at around 11am on Wednesday, Paresh Debnath added.

Goutami Chhatri left her husband, two daughters, and a son. Goutami’s husband Upendra Chhatri was fully dependent on her wife. Now Upendra is facing a dire situation due to the mournful death of his wife.

Paresh Debnath also said that Goutami Chhatri suffered a massive brain stroke earlier on April 13, and was being treated at home by physicians of Heed Bangladesh.

Mr Paresh Debnath told that as soon as they got the information on April 13, they rushed to the house and started giving treatment to Goutami Chhatri.

Goutami Chhatri is feeding her husband Upendra Chhatir. -File Photo

She started recovering very fast but succumbed to her inner brain injury on Wednesday, said Paresh Debnath. Her daughters, son, and family members visited her.

Now, the eldest daughter of the family is taking care of her father Upendra Chhatri.

Jiptha Boiragee, program support coordinator, The Leprosy Mission International-Bangladesh (TlMI-B), said “We are deeply shocked at the death of Goutami Chhatri.”

TLM Netherlands and EO Metterdaad had been supporting the family of Upendra Chhatri in Moulvibazar, said Boiragee adding that TLM Netherlands and EOM stood by the family in their dire need.

Goutami Chhatri and her husband Upendra Chhatri. -File Photo

Mr Paresh Debnath of Heed Bangladesh, said they have been providing food and other necessary things for the family. A federation leader and a volunteer are visiting them on regular basis.

The family is thinking of taking Upendra Chhatri to District Leprosy Hospital but due to the countrywide lockdown and COVID-19 situation, it is not possible for the moment.

The decision regarding Upendra Chhatri’s treatment and living will be taken as soon as the nationwide lockdown is withdrawn.

-The writer Roton Malo is a freelance journalist and currently working for an international organization in Bangladesh.