Upazila administration remains vigilant to implement lockdown


Md Musharaf Hossain in Sherpur:

Nakla upazila administration and law enforcement forces are working actively to implement the second phase of 7-day lockdown in the Sherpur district.

The concerned people have been carrying out this activity since Wednesday. Sources said that all the people who are going out of the house on various purposes are facing police interrogation. At this time, due to not getting a good answer, many were taken off the rickshaw.

Meanwhile, during the lockdown, only public transport buses were seen to be closed. All other types of vehicles were let to run as usual. Shops were closed. However, raw materials and drug stores were open.

On the other hand, the upazila and district administration has been seen conducting mobile courts for keeping shops open at various points in the municipal and district town.

Assistant Commissioner (Land) and executive magistrate Kawsar Ahammad said, upazila and district administration, the police force has always been and will remain active to implement the lockdown announced by the government.

UNO Zahidur Rahman said the government is the protector of people’s lives and property. The announcement of the government for 7-day lockdown is aimed at tackling the second wave of corona. Therefore, we urged everyone to abide by the lockdown in the interest of their own safety.