BIEA’s zonal coordinator accorded reception in Sherpur


Md Musharaf Hossain, Sherpur:

The elected coordinator of Mymensingh Zone Coordination Committee of Bangladesh Industrial Engineers Association (BIEA), Masum Mia was accorded reception in Nakla municipality in Sherpur district on Wednesday night.

He is from Poladeshi village under Baneswardi union in Nakla upazila of the district.

On the occasion, a reception program was organized by Abu Hamza Konak. Konak is a devoted activist of Upazila Chhatra League and special initiative of the young students of Nakla Upazila.

Upazila BCL activists Yusuf Nabi, Swarna, Nazmul Hasan Naeem, Al Amin Akand, Jisan, Raju, Tafsir, Sourav and many others young students were present during the reception.

It is learned that a 10-member zone coordination committee was formed to speed up the organizational activities of Mymensingh zone of Bangladesh Industrial Engineers Association (BIEA). Two students from Sherpur district were nominated in the committee. Masum Mia is a one of them.

Those who have been included in the 10-member of Mymensingh Zone Coordinating Committee of the Bangladesh Industrial Engineers Association (BIEA), they are Md Sarwar Zaman and Md Masum Mia from Sherpur district, Md Jobayer Ahmed Rifat and Md Al Amin from Netrokona district, Md Raju Ahmed and Md Syed Shamim from Jamalpur district, Md Ikramul Adil Fizer, Md Ziarul Islam Zia, Md Shamsur Reza Tushar and Md Shafiqul Islam Masum from Mymensingh district.

These coordinators will be included in the Central Executive Committee on the basis of organizational activities and skills. The promotion will be confirmed through a letter from the department, said Engineer Md Abdullah Al Mamun of the founding chairman of the Bangladesh Industrial Engineers Association (BIEA). It is known through a letter signed by BIEA’s founding chairman Abdullah Al Mamun.