Maintain health guidelines, stay safe from ongoing pandemic


Arindam Bala:

Having paid attention on staying home, maintaining social distancing and following proper health guideline–frequent hand washing for at least 20 seconds with soap, using alcohol-based sanitizers, avoiding touching the nose, mouth and eyes with unclean hands, use face mash while going out from resident–, we can become winner against deadly novel coronavirus. The coronavirus pandemic is not only threatening physical health of millions but also wreaking havoc on the emotional and mental health of people. And even the economy, employment, education, social bonding, and medical science are taking on challenge, too.

A few months ago, the fatal pandemic was under control in our country. But currently infection and the death toll are abruptly soaring up (till 11th April 2021- total 6, 84,656 infected-, death 9,739 and recovery-5, 76, 590), that is forcing us to persist behind tension. Every day someone is losing his/ her beloved due to deadly Covid-19. This time last year, the Covid-19 positivity rate was 2 percent; 11th April 2021 it was 19.81 percent. And the highest 31.91 percent positivity rate was seen on August 3 last year. In the meantime, in many countries, a good number of measurements like lockdown have been imposed for combating coronavirus pandemic. The government of Bangladesh has also announced an 18-point directive to control the spread of the virus. And declared countrywide lockdown is going on.

Here, mentionable point is that if the situation goes out of control, for instance, the number of death and infected is increased what is jumping now unexpectedly, the respective authorities will be bewildered to minimize the havoc. So, from now we should become more aware, more realistic and help our government to overcome the unpredicted disaster.

It is very important for each family member to understand about following health guideline; staying home and maintaining social distancing (physical distancing) to support first of all own family members, neighbors, society and even for our country. By maintaining announced instructions, we can do our part of confront this pandemic and must contain lower the community transmission of Covid-19. As an acknowledged brave nation over the world, we must overcome the existing catastrophe.

There are some logical as well as imperative views why we should pay concentrate on practicing social distancing, staying home and following proper health guideline. Helping ourselves by praying to God in any difficult situation is the best improved way to save us. Stay home if you feel like you have been going out too much, or if you feel like you have been a homebody recently, recommit to your friendship with your family members specially aged and kids.

In addition, saving family members has been deemed the first priority for all time for any person because as human being living with family members is the utmost blessing. It has been seen that inquisitive people moving unnecessary and gathering in kitchen market, for gossiping in link road or anywhere. In this term the virus career could be more risky for family members for the first time and then neighbors. So, we ought to think of keeping away from the contagion of coronavirus by avoiding people movement.

Moreover, breaking down the chain of transmission from coronavirus and preventing is the best measure that we can do by maintaining personal hygiene. The main ways the public can help prevent the spread of the coronavirus disease Covid-19 from the personal level.

Similarly, it is thoughtful for all; the students have been deprived from education for over year. The education institute has been closed due to outbreak of covid-19. Students cannot face to face meet classmates, not getting suggestion from their teachers and home tutors because they are passing one kind of confined life. If the disaster is not continued for long they must return to class rooms very soon. We believe it is definitely only for certain days, they must go to schools and meet classmates, playmates and will get addressed in lessons like previous and will sit for exams for good future. As parents, brothers, sisters, uncles, cousins, teachers and citizen of modern society we should make room for students by preventing coronavirus, as they would become future leaders, doctors, scientist, engineer, athletics and famous person of our country and even over the world, they should give the change to learn.

If the situations become worst, the production and supply chain would be disrupted. As a result the price of daily essential could gradually increase and the poor brace the suffocating situation. In the stage, we are the key chauffeurs whether the duration of lockdown measure would be couple months or couple of days. When the lockdown will be withdrawn, the wheel of economy will run in full sewing again resulting the life would become easier and burden free.

And finally, as a global citizen, we should follow the guidelines of the World Health Organization (WHO) & practice the given instruction from Department of Health and take pledge to stay home, maintain social distancing. And World Health Organization (WHO) has recommended use face mask is mandatory for all whiling go outside. We must get positive result but that will depend on us whether we will maintain the provided instruction or not. No doubt if we become proactive and stay home, practice social distancing and follow the right health guideline, the dark must fade away and everything will resume with new hopes.

The writer is an environment activist and development worker. He can be reached at [email protected]