Bumper Boro yield makes Chitalmari farmers happy


Md. Kamruzzaman Khan Picklu, Chitalmari, Bagerhat:

Paddy fields at Chitalmari in Bagerhat are overflowing with crops during the current boro season and it’s expected that just within 2 weeks, the rice harvesting will start.

The marginal farmers of the area will also gather in the festival to harvest paddy in the field. Cultivators of the upazila have expressed hope that bumper crop of boro paddy will be harvested this year if no natural calamity occurs.

Upazila Agriculture Officer Rituraj Sarkar said hybrid varieties of paddy have been planted in 11,550 hectares of land and Ufshi variety in 155 hectares of land in Chitalmari Upazila in the current fiscal year. In all the target for cultivation was 11,750 hectares.

According to the calculations, the additional 235 hectares have been increased and now it stands at 11,940 hectares. If there is no natural disaster, bumper yields are to come.

Talking to the farmers of the rural areas, many said that paddy has been planted in the fields of 7 unions of the upazila this year as the irrigation system is favorable including application of fertilizers and pesticides.

Now this is their expectation to get to the end sans any hazard.