Abu Jafor Khan’s poetry book ‘Syondito Borofer Kanna’ at book fair


Dailynewsun Report :
Poet Abu Jafar Khan’s poetry book ‘Syondito Borofer Kanna’ has come to light in Amar Ekushey Book Fair from ‘Poem Vein Publishers. His twenty books including novels and poetry have already been published, among them it is the nine number poetry book.

The price of the book has been kept 400 rupees and its cover is designed by Ayub Al Amin and illustrated by Indian artist Sunaini Naskar Manna. The book is available in Pavilion (12) of ‘Pathak Samabesh’.
Regarding the book of poems, Abu Jafor Khan said, ” Though I am a doctor, I am working on intoxicating art literature. As the world began to be affected by the epidemic of Covid -19, a different kind of poetic feeling began to arise in my brain, from which I wrote the book ‘Sandita Barafer Canna’. “

Poem Vein Publishers has created an international standard book promotional animation video for the book. The publisher claims that this is the first book promotional animation video in Bangladesh.

Abu Jafor Khan receives an MBBS degree from Rajshahi Medical College and a Master’s degree in Community Medicine from Dhaka. As an officer of the BCS (Health) cadre, he is currently working as a Deputy Civil Surgeon in the Health Department.

Among the published books, a number of novels and poetry are widely circulated among Bengali-speaking readers in India, the United Kingdom, the United States and our home land too. It is discussed and acclaimed in various newspapers at home and abroad.

He is currently the President of the Editorial Board of the International Online Literary Magazine Poemvien.com and the President of the Bangladesh Kabita Mancha Literary Organization.

In recognition of his contribution to Bengali literature, he has already been awarded the International Mother Language Medal by the Bangladesh Kabita Sangsad, the Rabindra Smarak Award, the Bangla Literary Medal on the occasion of the International Bengali Literary Conference (Bangladesh). BR Ambedkar Sahitya Sammanna, Chokh Sahitya Padak on behalf of Chokh Patrika published from Kolkata, Pallikabi Jasimuddin Gold Medal by Poet Jasimuddin Parishad, Nazrul Sahitya Smriti Gold Padak from West Bengal, India and Michael Madhusudan Academy, Kolkata, West Bengal, India from Kolkata, West Bengal. He won the Honorary Medal from the Bharat Banga Sahitya Sammelan and the Bangla Sahitya Gold Medal in Fiction from the Bangladesh Kabita Sangsad.

This literary genius, who is averse to self-promotion, is constantly practicing literature in silence.