Leprosy patients can save family members by identifying new case within family: Health Expert


Narsingdi Correspondent:

Dr Md Shafiqul Islam, former Program Manager, National Leprosy Program, on Monday said leprosy patients can save family members by identifying new patients within family by learning some easy tips of detecting leprosy case through the primary signs and symptoms.

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He made these remarks while speaking as the chief guest at an orientation program organized by The Leprosy Mission International-Bangladesh at Thana Dispensary in Narsingdi district.

The programme was attended by four leprosy patients some TB patients including the TB & Leprosy Control Assistant (TLCA) Md Kamal, TLMI-B Project Officer Roton Malo and TLMI-B Research Officer Ayon Martin Gomez.

The leprosy patients were oriented and taught the easy techniques of identifying new leprosy case within their own families by examining primary signs and symptoms. Roton Malo with the help of Dr Shafiqul Islam oriented the patients in this regard.

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Attending the event as the chief guest, Dr Md Shafiqul Islam said that the Government is distributing free medicine for leprosy patients.

Pointing to the persons affected by leprosy, he said “You have to learn the techniques to identify new leprosy case in your own family and refer them to government hospital where they can find the correct treatment.”

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He also said thanked TLMI-B for arranging such orientation for persons affected by leprosy since it will boost the new case detection and fulfill the Prime Minister’s goal to make the country as a leprosy-free nation by 2030.

During the orientation program, Dr Md Shafiqul Islam taught the persons affected by leprosy practically about how to detect leprosy by examining skin patches.