EC’s praiseworthy steps about NID cards services set an example


    Kbd M Alamgir Hossain:

    “We do not need a nation that has national identity cards”- Malcolm wallop.

    As a vigilant nation, we are proud of our national identity cards that have been originated from 1/11 political transitional period through the glorious steps of Bangladesh election commission.

    The National Identity Registration Act 2010 was enacted to give a legal framework to the National Identity Registration. In 2011, The National Identity Registration Division was formed to keep the National Identity Card, smart cards and National Database together integrated n strength.

    Recently, ECNEC has approved a Tk 1,805 crore one to provide all citizens, aged above 14, with smart national identity cards by IDEA-2 project which will be run up to 2025. It proves the better performances of IDEA which is executed under NIDW.

    On the other hand, media reports that the government is considering whether all data registration activities including NID registration, birth and death registration and the registration activities carried out by Directorate General of Family Planning can be brought under a single entity. But prominent electoral experts have recently opined their arguments against this.

    Former EC focused his suggestion in a daily newspaper that NID services and voter list must be performed under EC or it would be hampered. A directorate controlled by EC can be formed. It is mentionable that NIRA (national identity registration authority, before forming NIDW) was stumbled down to be implemented due to indifferences of beaurocrats, jumping tendency of another department, uncertainty and so on. We do believe that not a single or other entity would be successful if the outstanding and longtime performances of NIDW mentioned in the following are undoubtedly evaluated and considered.

    NIDW’s praiseworthy and highlighting roles:

    A. Fundamental functions: Making a flawless voter list. Implementing voter list updating. NID services using modern technologies in the electoral process.

    B. Making a flawless voter list through performing updating process in every year.

    C. Verifying services: NIDW provides the systems of Verification of data of government employees in determining salary. Verification of taxpayers, pilgrims, and expatriates. It also helps Mobile SIM Registration, Financial Transactions, Police Verification.

    D. Developing systems: NIDW has developed some up-to-date technologies Launching AFIS (automatic fingerprint identification systems) and ABIS (automatic biometric identification systems). OTP and Facial recognition system. Data center up gradation. Client application software.

    E. overseas voter registration: Inaugurated overseas voter registration in Malaysia.738 Bangladeshi expatriate in Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, UAE and the US applied for NIDs.

    F. Online NID services: Online NID services have been started since 6 april,2020 with a view to providing voter enrollment, new nid download, getting lost cards, migrations, updating personal data and nid corrections. Through nid portal Registered 35.15 lakh citizens, downloaded2 5.15 lakh, applications for new voters 1.13 lakh, lost cards 41 thousands, correction 1.13 lakhs. Separation of 10 lakh rohyingha biometrics. A noted web researcher named” Stat show” which is recognized as stats maker has recently reported very significant analysis on our online NID services specially on internet reputation for its recent report is that rank has increased 49% over the last 3 months. It reaches roughly 209,130 users and delivers about 460,110 page views each month.

    G. CMS services: EC has introduced CMS( card management software) and already issued a gazette notification over categorizing the errors into four types with a view to reducing the sufferings of the service recipients. one time password (OTP) and fingerprint will require for the EC officials to enter the NID server,” CMS has paved the way of decentralizing of administration and also lessening public harassment.

    H. Introduced smartcards: On October 2, NIDW in favor of EC inaugurated Smart National ID cards (NID) as part of their Digital Bangladesh initiative, aiming to distribute the cards to 100 million people in Bangladesh. The cards hold biometric details of the cardholder: impressions of all ten fingers, as well as pictures of the iris. In total, 32 types of unique citizen data are “emb

    I. Use of EVM. EC is using the latest version of EVMs under the supervision of Army. The machines were first used in the Chittagong City Corporation election of June 2010 and also for the first time, NIDW had taken courageous steps to use EVMs to vote at 900 polling centers in those six constituencies held in 11th parliamentary election.NIDW is playing an effective role in maintaining, storing, configuring, transporting and all kind of handling of EVMs with devoted efforts of modern technological support.

    J. Established call centers: For providing necessary in formations of problematic issues of database services and electoral issues.

    K. Observance of voters day: Observes national voters day 02 march in every year . Nidw focuses the great importance’s of voters day through signifying a meaningful slogan and performing colorful events in this day.

    L. Stringent steps against irregularities n forgery allegation: the wing is struggling to check irregularities and going to include some more features in the process of NID registration in the face of NID forgery allegations.

    The commission is going to sue 937 people for taking attempts to obtain duel national identity cards as it was found that the people committed the offence with bad intention.
    The wing had detected 2.7 lakh dual NIDs and is now scrutinizing the reason behind second time enrolment. 

    The commission is planning to introduce automated biometric identification system instead automated fingerprint identification system. the commission suspended and blacklisted 39 people for their involvement in NID forgery.

    The commission is planning to bring all election offices under the surveillance of closed-circuit cameras,

    We do hope NIDW’s NID services to all the citizenry are helping our governments to fight numerous societal malevolence such as extremism, unlawful immigration, deceitful activities, and quickening community service delivery., No doubted our database and identity card has been a matter of academic and policy debate. NIDW deserves, dedicates an excellent public service delivery of NID and now more strength than the past.

    The writer is Moulvibazar District Election Officer Kbd M Alamgir Hossain