Nayeem gets back his lost childhood


    Shaporan Haque:

    A few days ago, Nayeem, a nine years old boy with an affectionate face, could be seen in front of Mugda Medical College and Hospital. He used to sell cigarettes and betel leaves in a basket weighing four to five kilograms on his shoulder. This small boy had been selling his wares on the street to support his family.

    Nayeem’s father is a rickshaw puller while his mother works as domestic help. But, nowadays his mother could not able to do that properly due to her illness. Asked why he would not go to school instead of working as a hawker little Nayeem’s cried out. By working four to five hours a day, he could earn 200-300 hundred Taka per day and handed it over to his father.

    Recently, Nayeem comes into the attention after a national daily published a picture on him. After that, the Facebook-based voluntary social organization “Songjog: Connecting People” give a hand to Nayeem.

    Engineer Shahadat Hossain, one of the co-founders of the Songjog, admitted Nayeem to the school and the organization has taken responsibility for all the expenses of his studies till class 10. Besides, Songjog handed over a rickshaw for Nayeem’s father so that Nayeem could continue his studies without any trouble.

    Engineer Imtiaz Ahmed Suhan, one of the co-founders of Songjog, said, “There are many such Nayeem in our society those who could not enjoy their childhood as they have no access to school. This time, we stood next to a Nayeem. If all the affluent people come forward to one by one, then all the children like Nayeem will be able to go to school and get back their childhood. By doing this, we would have played a role to change the country one day.”

    Nayeem was admitted to Manda Government Primary School in Mugda. He will go to school again wearing the new dress as soon as school opens after the Corona situation. Getting a new Rickshaw-Van his father Liton Mia is happy too as he will get the opportunity to take to the streets with the new vegetable van.