Inter-religious Dialogue Center distributes blankets among cold-hit poor people in Khulna


Khulna Correspondent:

The Inter-religious Dialogue Center on Friday distributed blankets among the cold-hit poor people of the slum area in Khulna city.

According to the decision by the general meeting in November, the blankets were distributed on Friday, said a press release.

Earlier on January 8, the first meeting of the Inter-religious Dialogue Center decided to help distressed and poor people in the society during this COVID-19 pandemic, said Father Pietanza Domenico Mimmo, SX, director of Inter-religious Dialogue Center, Khulna.

A total of 120 blankets were distributed among the poor people who reside in city slum area.

This is the first time, the Inter-religious Dialogue Center gave some help to the poor. Inter-religious Dialogue Center is a platform where people of the religions of Muslim, Hindu and Christian desire a peaceful living in harmony.

Peaceful coexistence and practicing tolerance towards all faiths are good examples in society. Inter-religious Dialogue Center in Khulna has been working to establish fraternity towards peaceful coexistence of the people of all faiths in society.