Miracle at Evercare Hospital

Dhaka Evercare successfully delivered and discharged a baby born in 24 weeks


Dailynewsun Report:
In a year plagued by COVID -19, some good news from our health sector. Recently a miracle took place at Evercare Hospital Dhaka. Doctors at the Neonatal Unit sent home one of the youngest prematurely born babies ever recorded in Bangladesh after 3 months of intensive and neonatal care. The Unit was led by Dr. Abu Sayeed Mohammad Iqbal, Senior Consultant, Pediatrics & Neonatology and Neonatal Intensivist, Coordinator, Neonatology of Evercare Hospital Dhaka.
The infant had a difficult neonatal period with a birth weight of only 750 grams and was delivered by Dr. Monowara Begum, Senior Consultant & Coordinator – Obstetrics & Gynecology of the hospital due to his mother’s premature labor, very high pressure and vaginal bleeding. Previously, a 590gm baby had also survived at the same Hospital which is also one of the lowest on record in Bangladesh.
As Dr. Iqbal said, “What was not possible 15-20 years ago is very possible now, due to Advanced Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, experienced Neonatologist team, cardiac monitoring, modern technology, proper support and Advanced Medical Facilities. The Neonatal team conveys their thanks and gratitude to all supporting departments and staff; this is an achievement of teamwork and professionalism from Evercare Hospital Dhaka.”
Bangladesh has shown tremendous success in healthcare by reducing deaths of children below the age of five, meeting the global target four years ahead of time; but the number of new-borns dying in Bangladesh is still very high at 62,000 every year, one of the highest rates worldwide, with half of all deaths occurring within the first day of life, and all of them within the first month of life (source: UNICEF). Still birth rates are also alarmingly high with nearly 230 cases every day. However, many cases are never recorded and many conditions behind such loss of life remain unknown. Evercare Hospital Dhaka with its combination of the best doctors, support staff, technology & facilities has always set the benchmark for healthcare in Bangladesh. This helps to ensure the best possible outcome and so such miracles happen more often at this hospital.
In such uncertain times, it is comforting to know that medical science marches on, saving new lives every day. This is another landmark achievement by the expert doctors at Evercare Hospital Dhaka, and a symbol of their never-ending commitment to the healthcare and well-being of the people of Bangladesh. Evercare Hospital Dhaka is the first and only Joint Commission International (JCI) accredited hospital in Bangladesh. The JCI Gold Seal of Approval is a globally recognised accreditation that reflects an organisation’s commitment to best practices in quality and patient safety.
Evercare Hospital Dhaka is part of Evercare Group which includes 29 hospitals, 16 clinics, more than 70 diagnostics centres and two brownfield assets in 5 countries around the world. A brand-new hospital, Evercare Hospital Chattogram, is scheduled to open this year which aims to deliver the same level of global quality healthcare for Chattogram residents.