Lifestyle Influencer Abdullah Zubayer shines against all odds

entrepreneur, social influencer and lifestyle blogger giant Abdullah Zubayer. Photo: Dailynewsun

Shaporan Haque:

There is a famous saying – “Push yourself, because no one else is going to do it for you.”

The said line is quite simple but its depth can be only understood by someone like Abdullah Zubayer who was cursed and demotivated but his strong willpower never let him fell apart. He scripted his success as an entrepreneur, social influencer and lifestyle blogger giant.

One of the youngest digital influencers in Bangladesh has managed to make his way onto Show biz silver screen. At the tender age of 25, when other people his age are focused only on studies, Abdullah Zubayer is famous for his creative content as an influencer on social media. He was born in Brahmanbaria, Bangladesh.

Abdullah moved to malaysia for higher education pursues of Diploma in information technology degree from the SEGi University & Colleges in Malaysia.

Started the journey as an influencer person in 2016, Abdullah has huge million subscribers on YouTube now.

He has worked on several short film and documentaries before introducing himself as influencer. He is presently a social influencer who has left his obstacles behind and made a name and spot for herself.

He has an enormous fan base via web-based networking media systems. Being active on social media platforms like Instagram has been quite beneficial for him.

Abdullah Zubayer runs his own business of Digital Influencer and he has been recog-nized in Bangladesh and on various global platforms.

He has a successful brand ‘Men’s World Store’ to his credit but he has certainly triumphed over his obstacles with grace. Abdullah Zubayer maintains his own business kinds of fashion items for men, well-known both in bangladesh and around the world. His company now has a client base from United States of America, United Kingdom, Malaysia and few other countries.

Abdullah was nominated for the Entrepreneurship Award by the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship. He is now social media and lifestyle influencer giant and why not, he has come out of his hurdles alone and made a name and place for herself. Millions of people now dream of becoming like his and he is now an inspiration for every budding entrepreneur.

Abdullah Zubayer is CEO of Fantasy digital media and COO of “filmymantra”. He has also written three books namely- ‘How To Ensure Safe Internet’, ‘The Revenge Of Fire’, ‘The Last Envelope Of Love’, which have been published on international platform like Amazon and Google Book. He has plan to publish these books at “Ekushey Book Fair” next year. Nowadays he started career as a musical artist.

Abdullah Zubayer now verified artist on international platforms. He has been verified as an official music artist from the international music platform Spotify and received the official artist channel Verify on YouTube in this year.

In fact, he is one of the rising stars of the music industry. This multi-faceted entrepreneur, writer, social media and lifestyle influencer is clearly on his way to conquer the world with his content generation acumen and acute sense of what the audience needs.